Keeping the music alive

A compilation of the Music at Whitesbog

Proceeds go to the building of the new music stage

Get your very own Music of Whitesbog CD at the General Store !

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Keeping the music alive

A compilation of the Music at Whitesbog

Proceeds go to the building of the new music stage

Get your very own Music of Whitesbog CD at the General Store !

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We have built the First "Stage" of the New Stage! We have raised over 10K in Donations!!! Thanks Everyone, lets keep going! We still need another $25K to reach Our Goal of $35,000 to finish the Stage!

Rendering of the New Stage at Whitesbog

Check out the 1st "Stage" of The New Stage in use at the 2019 Blueberry Festival!

Get your Music of Whitesbog CD at Whitesbog General Store!

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This website has been approved by Whitesbog Preservation Trust

Keeping the music Alive at Whitesbog - Help Us build the New Stage!

 Join us in a Crowdfunding Campaign to help build the New Stage at Whitesbog - We have made - The Music of Whitesbog - a compilation of music from the Musicians of Whitesbog. Proceeds from this CD will go into the building of the New Stage.

We have built the 1st "Stage" of the New Stage, which was a great asset to the 2019 Blueberry Festival -

We still need to raise more funds to Build the Roof!
Thank You for your donations!

Music has always been a part of Whitesbog and it is continuing to grow. We host the bi-monthly Blueberry Jam, September Saturdays Music events and of course the Blueberry Festival going on 34 Years! We have more in the works to come!

Whitesbog Preservation Trust has just approved the designing and building of a New Stage at Whitesbog to replace the big brown trailer stage, which has gotten quite a bit of use over it's years, but has become a maintenance issue and when not in use , a bit of an eyesore to the aesthetics of the village.

Stage Idea

We have designed a multi use stage that will fit into the village surroundings utilizing cedar siding and the red metal roofing we see in our buildings throughout the village. Below is a concept design of the New Stage.

Keeping the music Alive at Whitesbog - Help Us build the New Stage!

Larry Cottrell - One of a Kind Custom Built Fender Telecaster Sold for $1300!!

Larry Cottrell has donated one of his Custom Built and embellished Fender Telecasters - Sold for $1300 Money will go to the New Stage at Whitesbog!

Larry Cottrell Custom Fender Telecaster

This guitar was custom built by Larry , there is no other guitar like this in the world! Larry is a member of the Accidental Jug Band and a very active volunteer at Whitesbog. To see some more of Larry's work and designs check out this link.
Thanks so much Larry for all you do!
If you want to bid on the Guitar please send an email to -
We plan on giving away the guitar at this years Blueberry Festival in June to the Highest bidder!
Pass the word!
The money from the guitar will go towards building the new stage at Whitesbog!

Our Goals

We have a fundraiser Goal set for $35,000 for the New Stage. $5000 of this will go to the production of the CD "The Music of Whitesbog" , T-shirts and Posters for our Crowdfunding rewards.

Board Review
The Board of Whitesbog Preservation Trust has approved a New Stage for Whitesbog Village - All we need now is to get the Funding! We can do this with your help!
Launch of Crowdfunding Caimpaign
Getting the word out
Recording Sessions (Completed)
Record Release (Completed)
The Crowdfunding Continues
Stage Design Approval
Breaking Ground and Building the New Stage
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The Bands

All the musicians below have played at Whitesbog and are donating their time to make this crowdfunding possible.

The Accidental Jug Band
The Accidental Jug Band
North Branch Barn
North Branch Barn
About the North Branch Barn
The Cranberry Jam
The Cranberry Jam
G P Dulcimer Society
G P Dulcimer Society
Intro text
Twisted Timbers
Twisted Timbers
Denise Sullivan
Denise Sullivan
The Bad Dogz
The Bad Dogz
About text

Help us Create Music

Join our Crowdfunding and Help Us Build a New Stage at Whitesbog

Talking Whitesbog : Watch a short Video excerpt from our ongoing Harvesting Stories NJ Humanities Grant Project -  Interviews with The Accidental Jug Band

Interviews with The Accidental Jug Band

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Keep track of The Stage The Music of Whitesbog Crowdfunding Campaign!


June 2019

Whitesbog 36th Annual Blueberry Festival

We got to use the New Stage (the 1st stage) at the 2019 Blueberry Festival at Whitesbog - All the Musicians donated their pay back to the Stage Fund!
May 2019

The 1st "Stage"

With the help of many volunteers, we have built the 1st "Stage" of the New Stage at Whitesbog!
April 2019

State Permission

We received State permission to build the 1st "Stage" of the Stage
Jan 2019


Meetings with the Pinelands Commission and guidance to what we need to do to make the Stage possible.
Nov 2018

Ok to go!

Well, OK from the State Leasing office to get permissions from the Pinelands Commission and State Historic preservation office!
Oct 2018

Work Continues

How do we get permissions for the New Stage- phone calls and meetings with State and Pinelands Commission.
Sept 2018

Music in the Bogs

The Music in the Bogs. Music at Whitesbog events on Saturday nights- All Musicians donate back to the Stage Fund!
July-Aug 2018

Preliminary Designs

Preliminary designs of the New Stage are created for Board Approval
June 2018

2018 Blueberry Festival Release

The 2018 Whitesbog Blueberry Festival and The Music of Whitesbog record release was a great success! We raised enough funds to get started with the New Stage!
March 2018

The Crowdfunding Begins

The Crowdfunding platform is done and we are getting the Musicians in line to make music! Get in now with the $1000 Session Musician Donation and join us in the recording studio to watch the process in action! PLEASE Share with Everyone!
Jan 2018

The idea for a Crowdfunding

With last years success of the Album "Whitesbog Boogie" by the Accidental Jug Band an Idea comes together on making a Compilation CD of The Music of Whitesbog - proceeds to help build the new stage.
September 2017

Unanimous Board approval

The Board Approves the Idea of Building a New Stage at Whitesbog
July 2017

Presenting the Idea of a New Stage

The idea of Designing a New Stage at Whitesbog presented to the board of Whitesbog Preservation Trust


If you have further questions or Ideas on how we can raise money for the New Stage at Whitesbog, please feel free to contact us below.

What is Crowdfunding?
Put simply, crowdfunding is the process of getting a large crowd of people to pay a small amount of money to invest in an idea or product, with the promise that when said idea comes to fruition, they will get first access to it. ... The best crowdfunding projects get people talking about them and the investment follows on.
Is my donation Tax deductable?
Why does Whitesbog need a New Stage?
Who is designing it?

If you have any questions !

Please email us and we will get back to you !

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