The Record Company

Your the Producer of your very Own Record Label! Not only will you get your name on the CD as The ...

Donation Amount: $25,000.00

The Record Producer

For a mere $10,000 Donation - You get to sit in on the Mastering Session of the Album , Credit on ...

Donation Amount: $10,000.00

The A&R Manager

For a $2500 Donation to Help build the Stage The Accidental Jug Band will play your private party * ...

Donation Amount: $2,500.00

The Session Musician

For a $1000 Donation - you get to hang out at a recording session and your very own Blueberry ...

Donation Amount: $1,000.00

The Road Manager

For a $500 donation Come join us backstage at the Blueberry Festival and all the rewards below!

Donation Amount: $500.00

The Booking Agent

For a $200 Donation - You get the CD, A T-Shirt, a poster and Thank you credit on the CD! Thank you ...

Donation Amount: $200.00

The Roadie

Your the Roadie - Hang out with the Bands, help them lug their equipment - Just kidding...You get a ...

Donation Amount: $100.00

The Promoter

For your Donation of $50 - Your the Promoter! You get stickers and Posters to give out to everyone! ...

Donation Amount: $50.00

The Backstage Pass

You will get a Backstage Pass to the Music of Whitesbog - You can hang out Backstage with your Band ...

Donation Amount: $40.00

The Groupie

The Groupie! For $20 You will get "The Music of Whitesbog" CD Thank you for your Support!

Donation Amount: $20.00

The Fan

Become a Fan! For your $10 Donation to the building of the New Stage at Whitesbog - You will ...

Donation Amount: $10.00